Terrapin Rescue

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My Name is Debbie, me and my partner run a terrapin rescue centre in South Manchester. We both share a love for Terrapins which drives our passion for rescuing, caring and rehoming terrapins which have been left without a home. And if you have found this website, we image that you have a passion for terrapins too.

We are not experts in terrapin care, but we do have years of experience and knowledge, which you can read about by clicking here. Our garden is now home to  over 30 terrapins! And we expect that number to increase even more over the next few months! We are always looking for potential rehoming locations, if you think you could help, please contact us using the contact form here,  Between us we can make a big difference!

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Terrapin in long grass
terrapin rescue garden with large pond
terrapin next to the pond
Terrapin in the pond swimming