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Hi. My name is Debbie, my husband is Gary and between us we run a terrapin rescue in South Manchester – if you have found this website then you’re probably interested in terrapins as well.

They are a great alternative to fish and very entertaining but also much more work to keep them in an optimum condition in regards to health and cleanliness.

We took on our first terrapin about 17 years ago – a Red Eared Slider whom we called ‘Snapper’. We had a few ponds in our garden at the time and I decided, in all my wisdom, to put ‘Snapper’ into our biggest pond with our beautiful and much prized Koi.

This was our first big mistake.

I then went on to Google and read, to my horror, that the chances were very likely that ‘Snapper’ would eat all the fish. The following day was spent filling countless buckets, bowls, and anything else that could hold water as we emptied the pond to find the terrapin and move him to a smaller pond – busy times and a mistake we would never make again.. We then fenced it off with a very small picket fence – at this point we hadn’t realised just what great escapologists terrapins can be.


terrapin gardon pond rescue tipsStarting our Terrapin Organisation

We started a Facebook page, which has grown slowly over the past three years, and sadly 99% of people that contact us are looking to rehomed their own terrapins.

Through this website we would like to offer help and advice to people who want to keep their terrapins, and maybe a few more too.

We’re not experts in terrapin care but do have lots of experience and knowledge, mostly learnt along the way. We would like to pass on what has worked for us and it would be great if everyone could share his or her own experiences too – we could make a great team and save a few shelled friends along the way.

Please get involved as much or as little as you would like to, between us we will make a difference. Gary and me have taken in/rehomed loads of terrapins and have over 30 in residence at the moment.

We’ve met some lovely people along the way and look forward to hearing from other terrapin enthusiasts in the future.


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