What People Say…


Last year I found myself in a position where I had to move house quickly and sadly this meant rehoming my Red Bellied Slider – Sid. I had tried everywhere I could think of and just when I thought I’d exhausted all my options, a friend suggested I contact Orchard Cottage Terrapin Rescue.

I had a chat with Debbie and, after she advised me of the best way to transport him, we arranged for me to take Sid to the Rescue Centre the next day.

When I arrived Debbie and Gary made me feel really welcome and showed me the ponds in the garden where the terrapins live.
It was amazing and I felt like I was dropping Sid at a terrapin spa, not a Rescue Centre at all.

The garden is lovely and the ponds are massive – there were terrapins basking and they have a free run of the garden.

I’ve kept in touch with Debbie and Gary and am thrilled that Sid settled in well, he has a much better quality of life than he ever had in a tank and I don’t know what I would have done without them.

– Lorna

I had two terrapins that had outgrown their tank for the third time and I also didn’t really have the time to give them the attention they deserved. I looked around the Internet and found Debbie who was willing to take them both, I took them over and it was great to see how happy they were in Debbies big garden pond rather than the tank they had outgrown. Thank you for all your help

– Guy Tomlinson