Rescuing Terrapins – What We Do

Terrapin 1The majority of terrapins that come to us are by request, through either our Facebook page or word of mouth. Quite often the reason is that the owners situation has changed, or they’ve found that caring for their terrapin is much more involved than they anticipated.

If we see any terrapins for sale on social media sites I usually contact the seller via private message to offer the terrapin a home whilst explaining that we don’t ‘buy them’. It worries me that if they are being sold for a low price someone might see it as a cheap way of acquiring a tank and dispose of the terrapin, the very situation we are trying to avoid.

Once we have spoken to the owner of the terrapin, either via messaging or telephone, we can try to give some advice on care or possible rehoming .


Our dedication

We have had a terrapin that came to us from Cumbria  to a location about 10 miles from us and we collected it from there. We’ve had people travel from Scotland, Yorkshire and Ireland with their terrapins to be re-homed.

There are far more terrapins needing homes than there are rescue centres and, over the years, we have taken in some very neglected terrapins including some from filthy living conditions and ill health due to poor diet.

We do have an isolation pond and if we feel it’s necessary we can put any new arrivals in there for monitoring, although it’s amazing the difference some clean water and good quality food can make.

We need more awareness of the plight of some of these poor animals and we would love to see more people getting out a spade and creating their own safe haven for terrapins – it will enhance your garden and they are very entertaining.

If you have a terrapin already please tell us about your experiences, we’re always open to learning new tips and techniques and it’s good to exchange ideas ,we also have a terrapin rescue group on Facebook  .

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